Don’t buy all that stuff!

Many people suffer three problems: 

1. They have to work very hard to earn money.

2. Then they have to endure ignorant (cheap) or arrogant (expensive) sales people to drag stuff home and decipher maddening manuals.

3. Finally they get a headache from all the broken or unfashionable belongings in their garage and backyard.

That makes live hard work only: A garage full of old handbags, shoes, toasters and TVs, cupboards, tools and toys, tea sets, pans and pots, jackets and pants.

Mark that no good gem or jewelry will ever end there!

Don’t buy all that stuff.

It is only trouble.

2 Comments on “Don’t buy all that stuff!”

  1. M.K. in MD says:

    So right. Look forward to buying from you again when the time is right. I’d rather have simple beautiful jewelry than all these things that just make life more harried, confusing and frustrating. They take up our time and give us little real worth in return. Other things endure within us much better.

  2. KurtS says:

    A year ago, I bought an iPod to listen to music. While I’m very tech-savvy, I was bothered by the endless rigamarole required to manage the music software for the tiny thing, keep it charged and otherwise working properly. How ironic that technology meant to serve people’s needs has become a crippling waste of time and money. I’m sure an $80 iPod cost less than $10 to make in China.

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