No money for GM or Citi

Give them anything: cold water, a beating, unpaid holiday in Siberia but no cash. They will pay each other more retainers, boni and retirement funds; and go home at 5.30.

Help the people who really got in trouble, pay workers, scrap or reduce VAT for December, pay health services, cut farm subsidies, allow more qualified immigration, invest in small companies, anything, but do not let the fat cats sleep one minute longer. Wake them up. It is market judgment day.

The Citibank sold my grandma a real estate fund as safe investment for her age. Now they froze the fund and ask her for new money.

Simple truth is they didn’t do their job. Out of greed and/or stupidity they ignored a basic universal law: Risk and profit are partners.

Let them suffer!

3 Comments on “No money for GM or Citi”

  1. KurtS says:

    Agreed–there shouldn’t be a freed ride for self-described “ruthless capitalists”. They’ve betrayed not just the trust of small-time investors like myself, but also greater business goals. Where did the money go for legitimate business–into a black hole of mortgage derivatives. It’s a travesty.

    On another note, you have some great stones.

  2. Ana says:

    That, and you should see the other side too…
    At least the choice – surreal as is, put down here is half way palatable. Now, take your pick between this bad and the one in your most recent post. At least hypothetically.

  3. phoebe says:

    I hear ya…and I risked some on a padpardsha firey dome (maybe 3 carets) set in heavy silver grooved ring….The value of such I have not been able to determine, but hopefully I did not make a bad investment….if you can enlighten me..

    .Risk and profit is a good part of the jewelry collecting I have been prone to over the years…Do appreciate your input and your wonderful commentaries…an eyeopener to those of us stayathomers for sure!

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