Three Pincer Attack on Sanity and Sanitation!

Pandemics for Dummies:

A) We had a great time binge-watching ‘Survivors’, ‘Strain’ and ‘Walking Dead’. Was it five seasons, or six? Enough to burn a viral fear into our subconsciousness.

B) The media informs us in a timely and entertaining fashion about facts, and similar. Sure! A must. Basis of democracy! Also, they have to write about SOMETHING.

C) Any government too slow or inept to protect our children from a pandemic would be dead meat. If not by vote, then by revolt.

There you are: Add a virus, preferably from some weird Chinese animal, shake well, stew and off you go.

All you need for the greatest depression in history – yet to come.

C. v. Clausewitz would have been proud of us.

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