A pro scammer.

I was scammed, as it happens in the best families. To my shame, I must admit his wasn’t the first time in THIS business-type:

Fifteen years ago, Easycorp Ltd, in Delaware freed me of $20+k (over five years). Legal risks aside, they were a little more sophisticated, hence it took me five years to notice (and some bad controlling).

When I had them finally cornered with hard facts, and it became clear I was nothing but trouble, no more payments against final promises to get ‘it’ cleared up, they stopped lying and openly suggested a psychiatrist for me being so dumb, as for paying them for so long.

Well, that’s another way of seeing it: Thanks for the lesson!

Although, $2k would have been fine as well. Perhaps, back then, I was only a naïve European in a cut-throats-left-to-right-and-back US market.

The business of long distance company-registeration, legal representation, V.O. etc. is a brutal shark tank. The gem-trade is an honorable and upright business in comparison. NO laughing in the corners, til you tried Easycorp Ltd. They are still around, grown internationally and diversified vertically: they now also create your company logo and backbone software. LOL! Coercion guaranteed. So many stories to tell. 

BUT: Not with me, never again, I have learned my lessons! Almost all, at times, and for less $$$.

This, and a great website, is how LocalOffice24 got my card details:

“LocalOffice24 wishes to reassure you that we remain fully committed to ensuring the continuity of our services in spite of the current circumstances. Our contingency plans are fully operational to ensure LocalOffice24 maintains the highest standards while fully adhering to the authorities’ instructions. etc. etc.”

After I had asked too many questions and blocked the above said card, OUT IT CAME:

LocalOffice24 Office Support: Go Fuck Yourself  🖕

Alex LocalOffice24
WhatsApp:                +316 10 60 90 30
E-Mail:                       support@localoffice24.com
Website:                     www.localoffice24.com
UK:                              44 73 80 30 80 85                         
Give them a call!

I’m still laughing. So, no damage done.
Well, software-companies, sometimes get the trick done, turn my blood cold I mean, especially anti-spam or virus-protection that turn out to be worst than the worst viruses. Big names. Untouchable names.