Single mothers and fathers

Respect and awe! How do you it?

These little fellows are such a handful that even a parent with no other responsibility sinks whining into the sofa every night; until the baby phone goes off.

To take care of a household, run errands, let alone earn money at the same time seems a Herculean task beyond human strength.

And yet, they do it every day.

Respect and awe.


OK, very good, and now:

Let’s get back to work!

America, m
ake no mistake this week! Don’t be afraid.


Sick on CNN

Unless I have a very good day, watching the news makes me sick. I had a friend; she lived on a beach in Brazil. Every evening she would double-lock herself inside the house and watch the world go crazy on CNN.

She was a very paranoid creature. Her world was a terrifying, hostile place and she was always in trouble. She’d call me with news like “They found Glukomoxamil in lemons!” or “The north pole shrank 5%!” or “Barbaristan has attacked Autistan!”

Those days on the beach in Brazil, I ignored all news. I read no papers and had no TV. And you know what? The world was doing just fine as far as I could see. I knew of no problems for months. The sun shone, the waves crashed, people did what they always did and I simply didn’t know. The stuff they mentioned on CNN was not visible on that beach.

One day my friend called me and said: “They fly airplanes into the world trade center.”

I laughed: “Ja, ja, sure” and hung up. Paranoid stuff.



Well, well, now we know for sure. The masters of the universe are in fact no masters. They don’t have a clue either. Not on their street and not in their own companies.

For years they have allowed local banks, homeowners and real estate agents to dream up house prices, give loans based on those dreams and then pay each other fat fees and bonuses.

The homeowner, most innocent of the gang but not free of guilt, closed both eyes and enjoyed the banks generosity. People, not only in the US, got themselves annual loans to buy some whatever (“Our house went up 20% last year!”); or financed a bigger even more overvalued place with a debt on the old house (one may call this a “self-enhancing feed-back cycle”).

And as sure as physics the cycle defaulted. The long financial food-chain awoke from dreaming up asset values. With that awakening crashed a good deal of world economy, paying for the damage not only in taxes but in trust and confidence. Failing masters are scary.

If you see a shark fish swimming in open water you have to pay him respect. He is a formidable creature, in his way a crown of creation. But he will suffocate on too big prey, poison himself with stuff that is not food and eat his own children.   



Morning Prayer

I thank you for this new day and for the sleep that I had

I thank you for the clouds in the sky and the birds in the trees

I thank you for the health and happiness of my family and I pledge to do my very best to be a good husband and father 

I pray for the strength and the insight to follow your will, so that my actions may be guided by care and compassion, and that I may overcome my ego and set aside resentments and fear

I humbly ask for your guidance in my decisions, so that I may be able to provide for my family and share with those who are in need or dear to me

I thank for this new day and I will use it to the best of my abilities